20 Best  lip plumper in India in 2023

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It can be challenging to keep up with the ever-changing beauty trends. Many people want their lips to be larger, which has resulted in weird trends like sequined lips that aren’t worth the attention. Yet, a popular trend today is lip plumpers, which can improve thin lips without the use of injections or unnecessary spending. Lip plumpers don’t require overlining lips or sparkly materials, unlike other strange trends. Instead, they provide a plump, natural-looking appearance. Lip plumpers are common lip cosmetics designed to make lips appear bigger. However, before purchasing, it is critical to understand how they work and any potential consequences.

Lip plumper makeup is a category of cosmetics intended to make lips appear larger and plumper. The skin on the lips is typically minimally irritated by chemicals like menthol, wintergreen, ginger, and capsaicin, which causes the lips to expand a little and appear bigger. In addition to pigment, oils, waxes, and moisturizing chemicals, lip plumpers can also be used as a lip gloss or lipstick.

Lip Plumper

Lip plumper cosmetics are a more natural-looking alternative for those who want to improve their lips without the use of lip injections or other more invasive treatments, in contrast to other lip-enhancing trends like sequined lips or over-lining the lips. In addition to being more reasonably priced than these options, lip plumper cosmetics is a preferred option for people who want to accentuate their lips without spending a fortune.

It’s vital to keep in mind that not all lip-plumper cosmetics are created equally, and some may work better than others. Also, it’s critical to follow the manufacturer’s instructions when using lip plumpers and to be aware of any possible adverse effects, such as slight stinging or discomfort. When using any cosmetic product on your lips, it is usually advisable to conduct a patch test to make sure you won’t have any negative side effects.

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Renee Cosmetics See Me Shine Lip Gloss₹3104.2/54013Renee Cosmetics
Too Faced Lip Injection Extreme Lip Plumper Original₹11504.1/52250Too Faced
E L F Cosmetics Lip Plumping Gloss₹5854.3/52049elf Cosmetics
Kay Maestrobe Lip Topper₹6993.4/5657Kay Beauty
Too Faced Lip Injection Maximum Plump₹11504.2/5399Too Faced
Too Faced Lip Injection Power Plumping Lip Gloss₹21004.4/5322Too Faced
Renee Cosmetics Me Shine Lip Gloss Gloss Boss Combo₹5784.2/5301Renee Cosmetics
Myglamm Pose Hd Lipstick₹5394/5195MyGlamm
Charlotte Tilbury Hot Lips 2 0₹34504.5/5180Charlotte Tilbury
Nyx Professional Makeup Lip Lingerie Push Up Long Lasting Lipstick₹5614.3/5169NYX Professional Makeup
Renee Cosmetics Tease Lip Plumper₹4643.8/5168Renee Cosmetics
Indulgeo Essentials Pout It Lip Oil 3 5Ml₹3203.7/5139Indulgeo Essentials
Too Faced Lip Injection Lip Plumper₹21004.1/5129Too Faced
Kiro Super Butter Lip Lacquer₹7884.1/5119KIRO
Charlotte Tilbury Hyaluronic Happikiss₹31504.1/5103Charlotte Tilbury
Renee Cosmetics Lip Peel Off Stain₹4993/589Renee Cosmetics
Fran Wilson Moodmatcher Young Lip Plumper₹6903.6/584Fran Wilson Moodmatcher
Chambor Rouge Plump Lipstick₹9453.8/583Chambor
Huda Beauty Silk Balm Hydra Plumping Lip Balm₹17504.6/565Huda Beauty
Lottie London Lip Foil Iridescent Lip Topper₹4894.1/560Lottie London
Too Faced Lip Injection Liquid Lipstick₹19004.2/559Too Faced
Dior Addict Lip Maximizer Gloss₹34004.5/557DIOR
Pixi Liplift Max₹13504.4/552PIXI
Too Faced Lip Injection Extreme Lip Gloss₹20004/550Too Faced
Charlotte Tilbury Collagen Lip Bath₹32504.2/549Charlotte Tilbury
Estee Lauder Pure Color Envy Lip Volumizer₹25503.9/549Estee Lauder
Smashbox Gloss Angeles Ay Poppy₹23504.1/539Smashbox
Smashbox Gloss Angeles₹23504/534Smashbox
Guerlain Kisskiss Matte Lipstick₹38504.2/532Guerlain
Givenchy Rose Perfecto₹34504.5/522Givenchy
Guerlain Kisskiss Lipstick₹37504.4/521Guerlain
Protouch Lip Plumping Drops₹4013.4/520Protouch
Lottie London Slay All Day Lip Kit Longwear Matte Liquid Lip Liner Kit So Good₹7354.4/511Lottie London
Typsy Beauty Crystal Crush Plumping Gloss₹7994.1/511Typsy Beauty


Renee Cosmetics

Renee Cosmetics See Me Shine Lip Gloss

₹310 | 4.2/5 stars (4013+ reviews)

The Renee See Me Shine Lip Gloss makes the claim that a little shine goes a long way. The non-stick, gliding solution revitalizes your lips with a burst of moisture while giving them a natural, transparent sheen. This lip gloss, which is enriched with jojoba oil, shea butter, and vitamin E, is ideal for maintaining the health of your lips while also giving them an extra dash of glitter.

Enhance any basic appearance with a hydrating and delicious sheen using Renee See Me Shine Lip Gloss. This is what you need in your vanity to easily create stunning looks!


Delivers a luminous, transparent sheen with its lip gloss

replenishing and moisturizing

makes lips appear bigger and plumper

a wealth of antioxidant qualities

It comes in two beautiful colours.

Too Faced

Too Faced Lip Injection Extreme Lip Plumper Original

₹1150 | 4.1/5 stars (2250+ reviews)

The revolutionary gloss Too Faced Lip Injection Extreme uses cutting-edge lip volumizing technologies that have been scientifically proven to give both immediate and long-term plumping. The glossy tinted solution drastically and naturally nourishes, hydrates, and volumizes lips.

Motives for Loving:

– Plump and full-looking lips – Nourishes and conditions

– Use on bare lips, over lip liner, or with lipstick.

– Too Faced is a cruelty-free brand. – Lips seem fuller from the first application and plumper overall with time.

elf Cosmetics

E L F Cosmetics Lip Plumping Gloss

₹585 | 4.3/5 stars (2049+ reviews)

e.l.f Lip Plumping Gloss provides intensive moisture to plump lips. While volumizing, the revitalizing high-shine composition delivers a calming experience. Contains coconut oil and vitamin E to hydrate and nourish the lips for a soft, supple feel.

Important characteristics:

Lip gloss that moisturizes and plumpizes lips

Offers a cooling and calming sensation because it is enriched with the virtues of vitamin E and coconut oil.

Any outfit will be glammed up by the shimmering sheen.

Free of hazardous compounds like phthalates and parabens

This item is both vegan and non-cruelty.

Kay Beauty

Kay Maestrobe Lip Topper

₹699 | 3.4/5 stars (657+ reviews)

With the MaeStrobe Lip Topper, you can turn any matte colour metallic to achieve lustrous, three-dimensional lip effects. The high colour payoff is guaranteed by the innovative liquid-to-powder mix, which also delivers a refined chrome shimmer while blending like a dream. Dare to apply it on your lips or wear it alone for a dramatic chrome finish for a glamorous daytime look. It provides powerful hydration that gives your lips a fuller, more hydrated appearance because it is enriched with Marula and Chamomile. It is available in 6 universally attractive chrome colours, so you can transition between your AM and PM styles with ease.

Too Faced

Too Faced Lip Injection Maximum Plump

₹1150 | 4.2/5 stars (399+ reviews)

An instant, long-lasting, extra-strength lip plumper is Lip Injection Maximum Plump.

In order to create a lip plumping solution that is so incredibly potently effective, Too Faced pushed the envelope to the absolute maximum. As the sophisticated volumizing solution drastically hydrates, nourishes, and noticeably plump lips intensively, immediately, and over time, you’ll see and feel effects right away. Only a true plumping addict could handle something so unreasonably severe.

What else is there for you to know?

– Lips feel plumped after using 96% (at one week)

– 96% of lips are left feeling moisturized (Immediately)

– Re-volumizes the appearance of lips 96% (at one week)

– With time, lips feel softer and smoother 97% (at one week)

Too Faced

Too Faced Lip Injection Power Plumping Lip Gloss

₹2100 | 4.4/5 stars (322+ reviews)

Lips will be covered in a velvety, luscious, multidimensional colour with cutting-edge lip volumizing technology. With a combination of potent hydrators, you can get visible benefits right away. Your pout will look fuller, plumper, and smoother after just one swipe.

Luscious, plush hues of lip gloss blended with the legendary plumping power of Lip Injection!

Renee Cosmetics

Renee Cosmetics Me Shine Lip Gloss Gloss Boss Combo

₹578 | 4.2/5 stars (301+ reviews)

The Renee See Me Shine Lip Gloss makes the claim that a little shine goes a long way. The non-stick, gliding solution revitalizes your lips with a burst of moisture while giving them a natural, transparent sheen. This lip gloss, which is enriched with jojoba oil, shea butter, and vitamin E, is ideal for maintaining the health of your lips while also giving them an extra dash of glitter.

In this combination are:

Pucker Up Peach Renee See Me Shine Lip Gloss (2.5ml)

Pink Pow Wow Renee See Me Shine Lip Gloss (2.5ml)


Delivers a luminous, transparent sheen with its lip gloss

replenishing and moisturizing

makes lips appear bigger and plumper

a wealth of antioxidant qualities


Myglamm Pose Hd Lipstick

₹539 | 4/5 stars (195+ reviews)

Ladies, pucker up because your pouts are going to receive a high-definition color boost. For plump, nourished lips, MyGlamm’s POSE Matte Lipstick is matte with hydration and enhanced with Moringa oil and Vitamin E. Also, it prevents flaking and gives your #nofilter selfies a soft focus effect.

Charlotte Tilbury

Charlotte Tilbury Hot Lips 2 0

₹3450 | 4.5/5 stars (180+ reviews)

In a tube, lipstick is bliss. (Charlotte Tilbury)

11 extraordinary legends who are record-breakers, rule-breakers, and history-makers worked together to create Hot Lips 2! Five reusable, refillable, and interchangeable designs that Charlotte has made are based on her worlds of fashion, Hollywood, rock ‘n’ roll, and magic.

Why is it magical?

This lipstick is nourishing and moisturizing for kissably soft lips and was made using Charlotte Tilbury’s renowned K.I.S.S.I.N.G formula.

– Lipstick Tree extract with antioxidants moisturizes and conditions your lips.

– 3D lighting pigments provide the appearance of plumper, lit-from-within lips.

– This product is cruelty-free and vegan-friendly.

NYX Professional Makeup

Nyx Professional Makeup Lip Lingerie Push Up Long Lasting Lipstick

₹561 | 4.3/5 stars (169+ reviews)

A lovely matte lip color that can fill up! Lip Lingerie by NYX Professional Makeup Push-Up Long-Lasting Lipstick has a soft plumping complex and a precision retractable bullet with a built-in sharpener. It’s simple to line, fill, and plump your pout like a pro with this lipstick. This hot little number glides on velvety and never feels dry, unlike other matte plumping lipsticks.


Range of matte-finish, long-lasting, and bare-lips lipsticks

Each colour will cover your lips’ contours in pigment-rich colour.

With a built-in sharpener and a precision retractable bullet

This item is vegan and free of animal testing.

Renee Cosmetics

Renee Cosmetics Tease Lip Plumper

₹464 | 3.8/5 stars (168+ reviews)

The ideal catalyst to instantly give you the extra touch of volume for pouty, luscious lips is RENÉE’s Tease Lip Plumper! It is the ideal combination of exotic butters like mango and shea butter and vital oils like jojoba oil that heals, rejuvenates, and restructures your lips to give them a naturally firm and fuller look. It is made with naturally derived components and botanical extracts. The lip plumper’s bioactive ingredients miraculously plump up the lips and heal the skin around them. Along with reducing inflammation, it also encourages circulation and cell production. There are additional benefits to it, including immediate and long-lasting hydration, which also reduces dryness and repairs any fissures that prevent one from having the most ideal, replenished, and moisturized lips possible. With a smooth, rounded, and defined definition, let your lips tease and grab all the attention!


Lip plumper that gives your lips more volume

Enriched with mango butter, shea butter, and jojoba oil

Makes you appear naturally chubby

Hydrates skin immediately and for a long time

Repairs lip visibly and lessen dryness

Prevents lip inflammation and ageing

This item is free of cruelty.

Indulgeo Essentials

Indulgeo Essentials Pout It Lip Oil 3 5Ml

₹320 | 3.7/5 stars (139+ reviews)

This blend is specially made to give you perfectly plumped up lips for immaculate lipstick application and was inspired by cosmetics artist Namrata Soni. This lip oil is the greatest method to pamper your pout because it has a wonderful blend of essential oils that are crucial for your lips and 24K gold flakes.

The best jamaican coffee beans and French vanilla pods are combined with cinnamon oil, an all-natural lip plumping solution, and an exotic blend of edible grade cold pressed oils like argan oil, jojoba oil, and evening primrose oil.

Too Faced

Too Faced Lip Injection Lip Plumper

₹2100 | 4.1/5 stars (129+ reviews)

Natural botanicals in Kissable Pink Gloss’ proprietary volumizing formula quickly fill your pout while also calming and softening your lips.

Motives for Loving:

– Volumizing technology gives lips the look of being fuller right away.

– Vitamin E and avocado oil soften and smooth lips.

– The glossy texture of the clear pink shade from Too Faced’s cruelty-free line


Kiro Super Butter Lip Lacquer

₹788 | 4.1/5 stars (119+ reviews)

Are you sick of sacrificing chapped lips for a vibrant pout? What about a product that instantly colours and conditions your lips, like a rich, buttery lip cushion?

The high-shine, ultra-moisturizing Kiro Beauty Super Butter Lip Lacquer is made to make your lips look fuller and shinier. It is made with five butter blends: softening shea butter, restorative cocoa butter, hydrating cupuacu butter, and moisturizing murumuru butter. A toxin-free, guilt-free, and genuinely beneficial kiss from nature and science for your lips and you. The multi-butter composition prevents chapped lips and offers intense moisture without being sticky.

What else? This incredibly hydrating and glossy solution is non-sticky, lustrous, and has a vibrant colour payoff. It’s lusciousness in just one stroke in your favorite colors.


Long-lasting A very long-lasting composition with a soft and pleasant finish and dazzling colour payoff. With only one swipe, get incredibly rich colour payoff!

Very hydrating This buttery lip lacquer works as a balm for your lips and is made from the extracts of five rich natural butters.

High-gloss formula The really rich and creamy composition has a lot of shine.

No parabens Kiro Beauty strives to avoid toxicity and uses paraben-free ingredients in its products.

no cruelty A sin-free delight that has not been subjected to animal testing

100% vegan. The company does not include any ingredients derived from animals in its goods.

Product There are 12 gorgeous colours of liquid lipstick available, all in stylish packaging. Application and storage without hassle, anytime, wherever.

Essential Elements

Butter from Murumuru prevents evaporation and keeps the lips incredibly moisturized.

Mango nut butter Fatty acid powerhouse that soothes dry, chapped lips.

Cucurbita butter increases the suppleness of the lips and attracts water to them.

Coconut oil is Known for its healing and regenerative properties and is vitamin E-rich.

Herbal butter possesses a very nourishing composition that softens the lips.

Charlotte Tilbury

Charlotte Tilbury Hyaluronic Happikiss

₹3150 | 4.1/5 stars (103+ reviews)

Hydrating lipstick balm with hyaluronic acid in sheer hues! With Charlotte Tilbury’s new Hyaluronic Happikiss, colour on happiness, darlings. Hyaluronic acid and c-peptide are used in the formulation of this multi-magic lipstick gloss balm of the future for intensely moisturized, fuller-looking lips! From virtual kisses to love notes sealed with a kiss and the mark left by a Happikiss upon a cheek, kisses offer delight and exhilaration to everyone, wherever! Charlotte wanted to capture the actual happiness of kissing! A hydrating lip gloss balm called Hyaluronic Happikiss glides on with a magical fondue-like consistency to give your lips a juicy, glossy kiss of colour.

Why is it magical?

With powerful ingredients that leave lips looking plumper, smoother, and more moisturized while giving the lips a cheerful glow, it’s makeup magic meets skincare science.

– Hyaluronic Happikiss is a plump-effect lipstick gloss balm and lip mask with hyaluronic infusion!

– Hyaluronic acid: A moisturizing component for lips that appear smoother and plumper.

– C-peptide: A wonder compound that keeps lips looking plump and youthful. It tightens the lips and lessens the visibility of fine lip wrinkles.

Super-soft polymers are made with lip care in mind.

– Glossy ester: An component with a high water-holding capacity that makes lips appear shiny. It hydrated lips, making them appear glossy and dewy.

– Hydrating butters: ethically gathered from trees in the amazonian rainforest. a natural lip moisturizer that has powerful regenerating and nourishing qualities.

– Passion fruit seed oil butter from Passioline: A sustainably derived product renowned for its rehydrating and conditioning effects.

– Glossy pigments: To provide a medium-coverage, high-shine finish.

Renee Cosmetics

Renee Cosmetics Lip Peel Off Stain

₹499 | 3/5 stars (89+ reviews)

Oh, how peeled! The RENEE Lip Peel Off Stain gives you the best-feeling smooth and full lips ever! The peel-off stain keeps your lips moisturized and makes them appear fuller and plumper for a very long time because it is enriched with vitamin E and almond oil. The highly pigmented gel composition applies to your lips effortlessly and evenly while giving them a subtle colour. RENEE Lip Peel Off Stain is the best option if you want to look good all day long and are in for a long day.

Descriptions of shades:

Red Me: This shade gives your lips a rich cherry-red tint and leaves them feeling soft and supple. It’s a win-win with RENEE—extremely moisturizing and gorgeous as well!

Pink Me: This tint leaves a lovely bubblegum pink stain on your lips that lasts for much longer than one, though! With RENEE, you may have perfectly pink, full lips for the entire day!

Important characteristics:

Rich in vitamin E and almond oil to nourish and hydrate your lips, this highly pigmented lip stain gives your lips a natural tinge of color.

Has an hours-long wear time and a silky, gel-like texture that glides on easily.

Smooth and full lips are provided by a nourishing composition.

comes in packaging that is suitable for travel.

Gluten-free and paraben-free

This item is both cruelty-free and vegan.

Fran Wilson Moodmatcher

Fran Wilson Moodmatcher Young Lip Plumper

₹690 | 3.6/5 stars (84+ reviews)

The plumping peptide combination in Young Lips Plumper with Maxi-Lip provides volume and shine to enhance and define your lips day and night.

Applying clear, it can be worn alone to emphasize the colour of your lips or underneath or on top of your preferred lipstick.

Your lips will remain moisturized and nourished while also appearing gorgeously soft and plump thanks to aloe vera and vitamin E.


Chambor Rouge Plump Lipstick

₹945 | 3.8/5 stars (83+ reviews)

This brand-new Chambor Rouge Plum ++ Lipstick contains brosh bio lip complex, which instantly moisturizes lips and smooths small wrinkles for firmer, younger-looking lips. It aids in collagen synthesis stimulation. It guards against sun damage to the lips.


Lip colour that is hydrating and plumping thanks to Brosh Bio Lip Complex

Moreover, this lip colour softens tiny wrinkles for a firmer appearance.

It cures dry, flaky lips with a hydrating mix that is enhanced.

It has a special composition that shields lips from UV deterioration.

Huda Beauty

Huda Beauty Silk Balm Hydra Plumping Lip Balm

₹1750 | 4.6/5 stars (65+ reviews)

What it is: An incredibly pleasant liquid balm that combines potent active ingredients to give you an increase in long-lasting moisture for lips that are silky smooth and appear fuller. Anyone will look stunning in the delicate blushed-pink tint. Hyaluronic filling spheres, soybean, and licorice extract are combined in the hydration composition to operate by migrating into fine wrinkles where they expand and produce a plumping effect. This action delivers the most moisture possible for lips that look smooth and plumped without experiencing any tingling – no pain, great gain!

Study Findings: According to a 20-person, impartial panel of consumer testers

– At least 95% of volunteers concurred that their lips felt silky smooth.

– At least 95% of volunteers agreed that their lips appeared smoother.

– At least 95% of the volunteers concurred that the lotion left their lips feeling balmy.

– At least 100% of the volunteers agreed that the product was simple to use.

– At least 95% of the volunteers said they felt like their lips had been healed.

– At least 100 percent of volunteers said they felt like their lips were better nourished.

Lottie London

Lottie London Lip Foil Iridescent Lip Topper

₹489 | 4.1/5 stars (60+ reviews)

Lottie London’s Lip Foil will help you up your lip game. These metallic-glitter hybrid toppers that are iridescent and smooth to the touch may be quickly put over any lip for an OTT foiled finish.


Vegan-friendly, Gluten-free

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