21 Best Nail Care Makeup Brands in India

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Nykaa Cosmetics

Nykaa Nail Enamel Top Coat 105

₹161 | 4.4/5 stars (64997+ reviews)

The Indian cosmetic and beauty company Nykaa was established in 2012. It began as an online seller of health and beauty products but has since grown to provide its own line of goods, which now includes Nykaa nail care items.

Nail paints, nail care equipment, and nail treatments are just a few of the many nail care products Nykaa has to offer. Its nail polishes are available in many colors and textures, including matte, glossy, and metallic. The nail polishes from Nykaa are renowned for their intense pigmentation, rapid drying time, and extended wear time.

Nykaa sells a variety of nail care products in addition to nail polish, including cuticle pushers, nail clippers, and nail files. These implements are intended to assist in maintaining strong, healthy nails.

Moreover, Nykaa provides nail care products like nail serums, cuticle oils, and strengtheners. These products nourish and strengthen nails, reducing breakage and encouraging healthy development.

Generally, people in India who are looking for high-quality, reasonably priced nail care products frequently choose Nykaa. There are many products available from this company, which is renowned for its cutting-edge compositions and long-lasting wear.

Bella Voste

Bella Voste Top Coat

₹74 | 4.4/5 stars (2079+ reviews)

Bella Voste offers a huge selection of timeless yet glamorous beauty items that accentuate your natural features. Their professionals are always coming up with brilliant ideas for new products that will add a lot of value to your makeup bags.

Miss Claire

Miss Claire Nails Glue

₹395 | 4.4/5 stars (1397+ reviews)

Introducing a broad selection of vibrant face, lip, and eye cosmetics that accentuate your natural beauty. Makeup lovers across India adore Miss Claire cosmetics because they are of the highest caliber, fashionable, reasonably priced, and made with the best ingredients to care for your skin. European Standards are followed in the production of the goods. Pick from a wide selection of Miss Claire cosmetics and beauty items, including lipstick, bronzers, highlighters, foundation, eyeliners, and concealers, all of which have highly pigmented formulas and textures. All skin tones can use Miss Claire cosmetics, which is reasonably priced, long-lasting, and versatile.


Plum Color Affair 3 In 1 Strengthener Base Top Coat

₹203 | 4.4/5 stars (834+ reviews)

Indian beauty and personal care company Plum was established in 2013. The brand is committed to offering safe, all-natural, and eco-friendly beauty products that are devoid of dangerous substances like silicones, parabens, phthalates, and sulfates.

Plum provides a variety of skincare, hair care, and body care items, as well as other cosmetics and personal care items. Cleansers, toners, moisturizers, face masks, and serums are some of the products offered in its skincare line. Green tea, aloe vera, chamomile, and other natural and organic components are among those used by Plum in its skincare products.

The shampoos, conditioners, and hair masks in Plum’s hair care line are designed to be kind to the hair while also nourishing and hydrating it. The company also sells body care items like body washes, body lotions, and body scrubs that are made to be soft on the skin while also hydrating and nourishing it for a long time.

Because it cares about the environment, Plum only utilizes eco-friendly packaging for its goods. The company also backs a number of social causes and programs, including attempts to promote impoverished kids’ education.

Plum is a well-liked option among Indian customers looking for secure, all-natural, and sustainable beauty and personal care goods. A devoted consumer base has been developed for the brand thanks to its emphasis on natural products, sustainability, and social responsibility.

Bella Vita Organic

Bella Vita Organic Nailstrong Nail Cuticle Growth Repair Oil Pack Of 2

₹524 | 4.3/5 stars (374+ reviews)

Major highlights

Nail strengthening and cuticle care are promoted by a nail growth oil serum.

the goodness of healthy flaxseed, sunflower, and castor oils

Cuticles, skin, and nail are moisturized to prevent and treat damage.

Strengthens nails and stops skin around the cuticles from breaking.

Utilizes keratin and essential oils to assist in promoting nail growth.

Perfect for professional nail art establishments to use

All Bella Vita products are cruelty-free and free of hazardous preservatives including SLS/SLES, parabens, silicones, mineral oils, synthetic scent, and synthetic fragrance.

About the Brand: Wellness at your doorstep, inspired by nature! Bella Vita, which translates to The Good Life, is committed to developing handcrafted and organic beauty products that are motivated by the earth’s natural ingredients and traditional beauty best practices. Each product at Bella Vita is made with the highest-quality, all-natural ingredients, cutting-edge techniques, and knowledge rooted in a long tradition. These goods and services, which are sourced straight from the verdant fields of South East Asia and Kerala, are intended to offer the new generation of consumers pure, personalized beauty solutions.

Gala of London

Gala Of London Top Coat

₹149 | 4.3/5 stars (370+ reviews)

For a woman who wants a manicure or pedicure that lasts for a long time, the Gala of London Top Coat is a necessary step. Apply it to rapidly seal in color for polished-looking nail tips. Because to its thin structure, the nails don’t need to be overlayered, guaranteeing a tidy appearance.


Inventive top coat that dries incredibly fast and provides your nails a high shine finish

This ultra-gloss top coat strengthens and improves the functionality of your nail paint.

It dries quickly, allowing you to carry on with your day without worrying about smudges, scratches, or smears.

Offering cutting-edge, distinctive, and fashionable makeup goods at reasonable costs. Gala of London offers cutting-edge, fashionable, yet reasonably priced cosmetics to accentuate your beauty, including gorgeous eye shadow colours, liquid lipsticks, long-lasting eyeliners, and kajal pencils.


Opi Top Coat 2

₹850 | 4.3/5 stars (140+ reviews)

About the OPI Nail Lacquer Collection

OPI provides a wide selection of premium nail lacquers, ensuring that you obtain the most secure products to enhance your nails. Our nail paints were created specifically to take care of your nails. OPI offers everything, from delicate to seductive. Go color crazy while also giving your tips the tender loving care they require. Every emotion, every event, and every person may find a color here. Why should you be forced to choose from among the many options?


Our simple guiding principle is: Since life would be dull without color, why not go crazy with it? Especially when the mixture is nail-friendly! OPI, a company that was founded in 1981, has transformed the nail care and color markets! You may now choose from more than 70 statement-making colours and our selection of care products, all of which are made to the highest standards. One colour at a time, we’re dedicated to altering how you paint and care for your nails!


Chambor Gel Effect Base Top Coat 503

₹325 | 4.3/5 stars (130+ reviews)

The Chambor Gel Effect Base and Top Coat primes, shields, and gives your manicure a glossy finish. Use it to prepare and shield your nail bed before painting your nails to ensure a smoother application.


A 2-in-1 top coat and base coat for perfectly groomed nails

serve as a top coat that increases shine and a base coat that strengthens.

This dual-action product stops the fading of nails.

The special mixture also works to moisturise and safeguard the nail bed.

What the Brand Is:

With cutting edge technology, Chambor, a pioneering beauty brand with a history dating back to 1994, offers you the best makeup options while always putting the needs of Indian women first. A company that puts quality first recognizes the individuality of each woman and gives her the self-assurance to express herself whenever appropriate. The finest formulations, carefully chosen ingredients for their usefulness and caring qualities, as well as a precise grasp of varied skin tones, go into the creation of Chambor products. Its products are cruelty-free and don’t use any substances from animals.


Lakme Absolute Nail Hardener

₹275 | 4.4/5 stars (93+ reviews)

In 1952, the Indian cosmetics company Lakme was established. It bears the same name as the French opera Lakmé, which was based on an Indian-set tale. Hindustan Unilever Ltd, a Unilever subsidiary, is the owner of Lakme.

The company sells a wide selection of cosmetics, skincare, and hair care items. The company’s makeup line comprises, among other things, foundations, lipsticks, eyeliners, eyeshadows, and nail polishes. Also well-known for its skincare goods, Lakme makes sunscreens, face cleansers, and moisturizers.

Lakme is a well-known brand in India and a consumer favorite since it offers high-quality goods at reasonable costs. In order to develop a strong presence in the fashion business, the brand has also worked with a number of major events in India, including Lakme Fashion Week.

Lakme has recently added men’s grooming items to their product portfolio to better serve a wider customer base. The company has also released cutting-edge goods, such as the 9 to 5 line, created especially for working women who require long-lasting makeup that endures for prolonged periods.

Overall, Lakme has made a name for itself in the Indian market as a trustworthy brand that offers high-quality cosmetics at reasonable costs.


Debelle Top Base Coat

₹525 | 4.3/5 stars (80+ reviews)

In order to preserve the nails before applying nail polish and to add gloss, DeBelle Top & Base Coat is a dual-purpose transparent glossy top coat. This will give your manicure a high gloss finish and ensure that your nail paint lasts longer than ever. Argan oil and seaweed extract are added to this product, which moisturizes the nail bed and promotes quick nail growth.


Base and top coat in one product that is infused with the benefits of argan oil

serves as a top coat that increases shine and a base coat that strengthens.

This dual-action product stops the fading of nails.

Argan oil moisturizes, protects, and promotes quick nail growth.

About the Brand: DeBelle personal care products have a recipe that has been thoroughly tested to help give the user’s appearance a makeover for a more confident appearance. It develops goods with the fundamental goal of satisfying daily needs while also providing long-term advantages. So, it has been specially created by a renowned cosmetologist using active substances and combining technology and nature.

Kiko Milano

Kiko Milano Nail Polish Corrector Pen

₹690 | 4.1/5 stars (45+ reviews)

The Kiko Milano Nail Polish Corrector Pen is a lacquer erasing pen with a solvent-soaked tip that successfully and completely removes smudges. Jojoba oil is added to the mix to enhance it. Includes three extra tips. The product package has a fresh, contemporary black look.


lacquer-removal pen without acetone

new style

The formulation of every Kiko product excludes parabens.


beautiful, streak-free manicure.


To get rid of any smudges, rub the lacquer remover pen along the nail’s tip and borders.

Wipe the tip down with a tissue after use to make it last longer.

Pull out the applicator’s tip and replace it with a new one to replace it.

The Brand’s Details Kiko Milano, a leading Italian brand of makeup, accessories, and cutting-edge skincare items, is a true revolution in the beauty industry. Since its founding in 1997, Kiko Milano has been dedicated to achieving a single goal: enabling all women to pamper themselves to the most cutting-edge cosmetics without having to forgo their finances. 97% of the Kiko Milano makeup and skin care formulae are made in Europe (3% in the United States, Korea, and Japan), ensuring excellent quality and safety. All ingredients also adhere to strict legal criteria (including no animal testing).

Per the relevant European laws, Kiko does not conduct or order animal testing.

Love Earth

Love Earth Nail Growth Serum

₹224 | 4.6/5 stars (34+ reviews)

You can have lovely, strong, and long nails with Love Earth Nail Growth Serum. Our nails are frequently exposed to grime, excessive water exposure, and heavy coatings of nail polish, all of which are bad for them and unclean. They frequently chip off and turn yellow due to this dryness, which can result in infections. So use this nail development serum to provide the nourishment your dry, brittle nails sorely need. Using plant extracts, this rich, multipurpose nail serum strengthens and stretches brittle and weak nails.


serum for strengthening weak and brittle nails

restores the flexibility and strength of nails

Nails are moisturized, conditioned, and revitalized.

Contains multiple-benefit plant extracts

hydrates and promotes nail growth in fragile, thin nails.

Free of color, GMOs, and artificial fragrances

What the Brand Is: introducing handmade, 100% natural items free of dangerous chemicals and modifications. The company Love Earth manufactures a range of high-end, all-natural, and environmentally friendly skin care, personal care, and home care products at the most competitive pricing. Discover Love Earth’s bespoke selection of lovely corporate gift alternatives as well as a useful selection of ready gifting solutions!

The Body Shop

The Body Shop Almond Nail Cuticle Oil

₹895 | 4.6/5 stars (19+ reviews)

This convenient two-in-one pen moisturizes dry, brittle nails while softening cuticles. It has delicious almond oil in it.

Cleansing cuticles Moisturizer

Almond sweetness

What is your hand hygiene routine? To maintain gorgeous hands, pick the range that is perfect for you and adhere to our daily three-step routine.

What the Brand Is: The Body Shop is a well-known British cosmetics company that crafts creative, ethical, and naturally-inspired products with the highest love and care. In order to provide its consumers with goods that are bursting with effectiveness and that will improve natural beauty, this 100% vegetarian and cruelty-free firm has continually searched the world for excellent natural ingredients. Body Shop is well-known for its renowned and award-winning body butters and hand creams, as well as classic favorites like the tea tree oil line, born lippy glosses, and hemp hand protection, as well as more recent hits like the Spa fit line, vitamin C line, and color crush line. The company is fully committed to supporting community trade, upholding human rights, promoting self-esteem, and being steadfast in our opposition to animal testing.

Sally Hansen

Sally Hansen Complete Treatment No Chip Top Coat

₹300 | 3.4/5 stars (16+ reviews)

Protect your mani! Full Sally Hansen Therapy Zero Chip Your nail color is sealed and guarded from chipping by the top coat. The high-gloss finish of the acrylic solution provides nails with ultra-hard protection as it cures. It does the trick for a long-lasting, ultra-smooth, high-shine manicure. A sealant that keeps manicures looking new.


A top coat that offers enduring protection to support the growth of stronger nails

The ultra-hard shielding created by the acrylic composition resists chipping and peeling.

Provides a salon-quality, glossy manicure with long-lasting freshness.

This item has undergone dermatological and salon testing.

What the Brand Is: Sally Hansen established the American cosmetics company Sally Hansen Inc. in 1946. This honor-winning company sells items in the following five categories: nail polish, nail care, sunless tanning, hair removal, and beauty tools. Sally Hansen is sold in more than 55 nations and is, among other places, the most popular nail brand in the United States.


L Occitane Shea Nourishing Nail Cuticle Oil

₹1650 | 4.7/5 stars (9+ reviews)

This solution, which has a 30% shea oil concentration, aids in softening cuticles and nourishing nails. The product is applied easily, thanks to the brush applicator.

Perfect for:

– Making cuticles softer

– Caring for nails

– Easy to apply

Clinical Effects

– Nails become more attractive right away after application (100%)*

– Nails appear more durable (81%) and less fragile (88%)

– Cuticles appear remarkably well-nourished (96%)*

– Cuticles appear more supple (96%*)

*User testing on 26 volunteers over a 4-week period.

About the Range: Shea Butter – For millennia, women in Sub-Saharan Africa have used shea butter as a beauty component to protect and nourish their skin and hair. Several thousand Burkinabe women who are dedicated to creating a sustainable, fair trade shea butter supply chain can benefit from the global success of L’Occitane’s shea butter products.

Butter London

Butter London Sheer Wisdom Nail Tinted Moisturizer

₹2160 | 4.6/5 stars (5+ reviews)

This all-in-one Sheer Wisdom Nail Tinted Moisturizer will brighten and beautify dry, brittle, peeling, and broken nails. This technology-based, hybrid nail treatment is formulated with a combination of skin-pampering chemicals to help revitalize, strengthen, and prevent breakage while coating nails with a barely perceptible, transparent tint that shines wonderfully. A variety of natural hues are offered to match every skin tone.

Put your manicure and pedicure on the proper track for a more youthful appearance. Each Nail Tinted Moisturizer contains the well-liked, multifunctional, good-for-nails recipe. Also, it contains a revolutionary micro smart active technology that releases chemicals in a regulated manner to lock in moisture and offer a healthy dose of hydration, which over time helps to repair the appearance of nails!

Vitamin E (which gives antioxidant protection), Tea Tree Oil (which revives dry, brittle nails and seals in moisture), Keratin (which helps strengthen nails), and Arginine are the main ingredients (helps prevent nail breakage)

Benefit: Strengthen weak, damaged nails and revitalize dry, brittle nails by sealing in moisture to stop nail peeling.

Coverage and Finish: Transparent coverage and a glossy appearance

Nice Feeling Beauty:

Always 8-Free: None of Butter London’s nail product formulae contain formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, DBP, toluene, camphor, ethyl tosylamide, xylene, or TPHP.

What the Brand Is: Butter London was founded in 2005 with the aim of providing toxin-free nail lacquer without sacrificing color, quality, wit, or performance. It was inspired by the cheeky streets of London. It was a straightforward issue—nail colors were few and far between, colours were monotonous, and many solutions were toxic—but every great invention starts with a real problem.

The company then became 10-Free following the incredible success of high-performance 3-Free nail lacquers, which were free of the three most frequent harmful components. The high-end beauty line now offers pure color cosmetics for the eyes, lips, and face.

Swiss Beauty

Swiss Beauty Professional Uv Gel Polish Nail Primer

₹237 | 4.7/5 stars (3+ reviews)

A magnificent, glossy-effect gel nail polish, Swiss Beauty Professional UV GEL Polish Nail Primer guarantees 21 days of high gloss wear without nicking, cracking, or smearing. Apply a small layer, then allow it to dry under a UV or LED lamp. Natural nails, UV gel nails, artificial nails, acrylic nails, and nail tips can all be painted with this long-lasting UV gel polish. This gel nail paint is simple to use, has exceptional resilience, and is extremely pigmented. A built-in brush that accommodates all nail sizes for a streak-free application gives a faultless finish. Benefits include simple application, extended wear, rapid drying solution, and non-toxic chemicals.


Primer for long-lasting gel nail polish that primes your nails and protects color for 21 days

Provides additional protection for your nails and has a quick-drying formula

avoids nicking, chipping, or smudging

allows for the exploration of color and design

gives the appearance and feel of real nails.

Useful on acrylic nails, fake nails, UV gel nails, natural nails, and nail tips

, including an integrated brush that adjusts to match every size of nail for a precise and streak-free application.

Free of harmful substances

What the Brand Is: Swiss Beauty, which was founded in 2008, is the world’s fastest-expanding beauty brand with a significant geographic presence. It encourages women to maintain their individuality and style. This business offers a broad selection of face, eyes, lip, and nail makeup items at competitive costs. Its continually innovative, top-quality products are solely imported from Italy, Japan, Taiwan, and Germany.

Pippin Paris

Pippin Paris Nail Plate Bcn 002

₹274 | 3.7/5 stars (3+ reviews)

The only constraint to nail art is your imagination. The Pippin Paris Stamping Nail Art Plate Set encourages you to use your ideas. The simplest and most affordable way to personalize your manicure is with nail stamping plates, and the best part is that you can reuse them often. Say good-bye to stickers that can easily come off and welcome to nail art that is as individual and distinctive as you are. Pippin Paris offers a wide selection of patterns on numerous types of nail plates.


Simple to use at home and while traveling, nail plate with a variety of patterns developed for deeper and more precise carving offers a superior stamping effect to fit every occasion.

Both novice and seasoned nail artists can use this

About the Brand: Pippin Paris offers a selection of stampers and scrapers that take the guesswork out of nail stamping, improving the effectiveness of your manicure while saving you polish. This provides the simplest and most affordable way to personalize your manicure. What else? It is reusable over and over again.

Bronson Professional

Bronson Professional Cuticle Remover Nail Cutter Clippers

₹224 | 3.5/5 stars (2+ reviews)

Do you have thick or uncomfortable ingrown nails? Use the Bronson Professional Cuticle Nipper Cutter, which is what pedicurists generally advise. The clippers provide smooth, organically shaped cuts with zero splitting or cracking because to their precision cutting edges and concave tip. All methods of sterilizing are suitable for these clippers.


Cuticle nipper that offers accurate trimming of cuticles and ragged nails

made of rust-free stainless steel that can maintain its sharpness for a long period.

Even in or around small places, a sharp jaw clipper head can move your cuticles without pulling or pushing to remove those cuticles and dead skin.

Clean, painless nail or overgrown cuticle cutting is possible with perfectly aligned blades.

Dead skin is plainly pushed up by the curved flat end, and the dead cuticles are removed by cutting or scraping the sharp knifepoint end.

Having a comfortable grip on the double fork handle makes it simple to cut nails.

The eagle mouth-shaped sharp blades are finely hand-filed and ultra-thin for accurate clipping, and the ergonomic design provides a perfect grip.

About the Brand: Bronson Professional provides you with a vast selection of high-quality personal care equipment. Bronson Professional is your one-stop shop for high-end and cutting-edge appliances and tools, offering everything from professional hair tools like hair dryers, straighteners, and curlers to makeup brushes, combs, hair brushes, and nail care products. Each item is made to provide salon-quality care at home.


Rome Nail Scrub Nail Care

₹319 | 3/5 stars (1+ reviews)

By massaging dry cuticles, Rome Nail Scrub gives nails a uniform, radiant, and attractive outline. An easy, painless method of exfoliating cuticles that have grown too long.


Getting rid of dry and overgrown cuticles with an exfoliating nail scrub

A formula that is extremely rich and emollient to add moisture and protection

provides an attractive outline for your nails.


Footlogix Pediceuticals Nail Tincture Spray

₹1440 | 5/5 stars (1+ reviews)

Footlogix Pediceuticals Nail Tincture Spray is a potent spray that treats unsightly toenails that are prone to fungal infections. It contains the patented antimicrobial ingredient spiraleen. It has panthenol and avocado oil to help toenails get back to their best health.


Regarding the spray: This spray is ideal for protecting and caring for skin and nails that are vulnerable to fungal infections and extreme dryness. It is effective in treating thick, discolored, and unpleasant-looking nails. It is enriched with our patented spiraleen, a special antimicrobial end product concentrate only available from Footlogix.

Product advantages: This spray restores the natural appearance of toenails that have become unsightly or discolored. It contains panthenol, avocado oil, and tea tree extract. Its formulation contains bioactive microalgae that are specifically created to provide skin and nails with the highest levels of cell protection, regeneration, and collagen synthesis. Additionally, it is non-allergenic and safe for diabetics.

Best suited for: People who have thick, discolored toenails with deep ridges are more susceptible to fungal infections. It is advised for toenails that have turned yellow from excessive nail polish wear and harsh pedicures. It may also be advised for people wearing shoes with narrow toe boxes and poor breathability.

What the Brand Is: The world’s first and only PEDICEUTICAL Mousse Foot Care line, Footlogix, was created in response to the evolving demands of foot-care professionals and their customers. This revolutionary line of foot care products was created scientifically using the ground-breaking Dermal Infusion Technology (DIT). Footlogix’s distinctive formulations have been clinically demonstrated to significantly improve the condition of the skin and toenails on the feet, treating everything from minor dryness to more serious conditions brought on by diabetes.

From misery to awe!

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