50 Best Fragrance and Perfume in India

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  • Top Branded Fragrance and Perfume in India

Nautica Voyage Men Toilette Spray₹1,760.003.983,949#1
Davidoff Water Toilette Spray Ounces₹4,499.004.328,137#2
Villain Eau Parfum Perfume Men₹549.003.820,499#3
Fogg Xtremo Scent Men 100Ml₹325.004.117,546#4
Wild Stone Ultra Sensual Perfume₹389.004.116,398#5
Fogg Impressio Scent Men 100Ml₹325.00414,493#6
Body Fantasies Signature Fresh White₹299.003.711,400#7
Man Company Non Gas Perfume Blanc₹275.00410,041#8
Bella Vita Organic Perfumes Fragrance₹551.003.99,745#9
Nautica Blue Edt Spray 100Ml₹1,592.0049,691#10
Beardo Whisky Perfume Parfum Lasting₹549.0049,339#11
Park Avenue Luxury Grooming Collection₹546.004.49,211#12
Park Avenue Premium Perfume Regal₹154.0048,610#13
Cuba Men Gift Set₹3,258.004.38,198#14
Engage Perfume Spray Men 120Ml₹168.0048,031#15
Engage Perfume Spray Women 120Ml₹180.004.27,826#16
Armaf Club Milestone Parfum 105Ml₹3,800.004.17,682#17
Calvin Klein One Unisex 200Ml₹4,699.004.27,480#18
Armaf Club Nuit Intense Parfum 150Ml₹4,800.003.87,388#19
Calvin Klein Eau Toilette 100Ml₹3,599.004.27,288#20
Revlon Charlie Blue Edt 100Ml₹599.003.97,203#21
Man Company Black Edt India₹399.003.77,098#22
Godfather Perfume Premium Fragrance Aromatic₹549.003.96,771#23
Miniso Twinkle Stones Deodorant Unisex₹253.804.16,494#24
Fogg Xpressio Scent Men 100Ml₹361.004.16,473#25
Jovan Musk Eau Cologne 88Ml₹790.0046,315#26
Villain Hydra Perfume Eau Parfum₹549.003.86,254#27
Victorias Secret Bare Vanilla Fragrance₹1,249.004.66,067#28
Fogg Queen Scent Women 100Ml₹361.004.25,874#29
Ustraa Cologne Spray Base 125Ml₹557.003.75,611#30
Armaf Club Intense Toilette Ounce₹3,849.0045,510#31
Guess Toilette Seductive Homme 100Ml₹3,520.004.55,497#32
Bella Vita Organic Perfumes Fragrance₹551.004.25,294#33
Nautica Classic Man Toilette 100Ml₹1,344.003.85,049#34
Armaf Club Intense Perfume 105Ml₹3,849.0044,974#35
Engage Perfume Spray Men 120Ml₹180.0044,870#36
Guess 1981 W Edt 100Ml₹2,860.004.44,850#37
Victorias Secret Romantic Fragrance 250Ml₹1,099.004.44,682#38
Adidas Pure Game Toilette 100Ml₹799.0044,600#39
Jaguar Ch 8045 Green 100 Ml₹1,650.003.84,571#40
Axe Denim Cologne Talc 300₹185.004.24,560#41
Guess Seductive Women Eau Toilette₹2,200.004.34,471#42
Wild Stone Hydra Energy Perfume₹389.0044,470#43
Hugo Boss Different Toilette 125Ml₹5,550.004.63,861#44
Rasasi Hawas Cologne Men 100Ml₹5,200.004.53,635#45
Armaf Club Sillage Parfum 105Ml₹4,299.004.33,621#46
Versace Bright Crystal Absolu Parfum₹7,830.004.73,508#47
Geoffrey Beene Flannel Toilette 4 Ounce₹2,693.004.33,507#48
Body Fantasies Fresh Fantasy Fragrance₹449.004.43,506#49
Hugo Boss Man Toilette 200Ml₹7,750.004.63,483#50



Nautica Voyage Men Toilette Spray

₹1,760.00 | 3.9 stars (83,949+ reviews)

This scent by Nautica is a fusion of cold aquatic notes, fruity hints, and woody undertones. Nautica Voyage Eau De Toilette For Men, 100Ml. It is ideal for daily wear because of its upbeat and fresh aroma.


Davidoff Water Toilette Spray Ounces

₹4,499.00 | 4.3 stars (28,137+ reviews)

Cold Water for Men by Davidoff. Spray of Eau de Toilette, 4.2 Ounces: This time-tested scent for men combines cool, watery notes with cozy, woodsy undertones. It is ideal for any occasion and has a crisp, invigorating aroma.


Villain Eau Parfum Perfume Men

₹549.00 | 3.8 stars (20,499+ reviews)

Villain 100 ml Eau de Parfum Spray for Men, a Premium Long-Lasting Fragrance: The spicy and woody components of this fragrance by Villain combine to produce a sensuous and masculine aroma. It is ideal for evening wear because of its lingering aroma.


Fogg Xtremo Scent Men 100Ml

₹325.00 | 4.1 stars (17,546+ reviews)

For Men, Fogg Long-Lasting Fresh & Soothing Fragrance Xtremo Aroma, 100ml: This Fogg perfume has a light, calming scent that is ideal for everyday use. It has a lingering scent that makes you feel confident and young-looking all day.


Wild Stone Ultra Sensual Perfume

₹389.00 | 4.1 stars (16,398+ reviews)

Wild Stone Ultra Sexy Perfume Spray for Men, 100ml, An Aromatic Mixture of Masculine Fragrances, A Sensory Delight for Casual Encounters: Combining several manly scents, this perfume by Wild Stone has a seductive and alluring aroma. It has a strong aroma and is ideal for casual interactions.


Fogg Impressio Scent Men 100Ml

₹325.00 | 4 stars (14,493+ reviews)

Impressio Aroma For Men, Fogg Long-Lasting Fresh & Calming Smell, 100ml: This Fogg perfume has a light, calming scent that is ideal for everyday use. It has a lingering scent that makes you feel confident and young-looking all day.


Body Fantasies Signature Fresh White

₹299.00 | 3.7 stars (11,400+ reviews)

Fragrant White Musk, Floral Aroma Body Fantasies Trademark Body Spray/Mist, 94 ml: Fresh white musk and floral notes combine in this Body Fantasies fragrance to produce a delicate and energizing aroma. Its bright and energizing scent makes it ideal for everyday usage.


Man Company Non Gas Perfume Blanc

₹275.00 | 4 stars (10,041+ reviews)

The Man Company Blanc for Men Perfume – 120ml | Premium Luxurious Long Lasting Fragrance Spray | No Gas Deodorant for Men | Present for Him: This The Man Company fragrance has a rich, enduring perfume that is ideal for evening wear. Thanks to this no-gas deodorant spray, you may feel confident and fresh throughout the day.


Bella Vita Organic Perfumes Fragrance

₹551.00 | 3.9 stars (9,745+ reviews)

Bella Vita Luxurious Men’s Fragrance Gift Set Luxurious Aroma with Long-Lasting Fragrance in 4×20 ml Parfums: Four opulent, long-lasting men’s perfumes are included in this Bella Vita gift box. Each fragrance has a distinctive combination of components that together produce a sensual and alluring aroma.


Nautica Blue Edt Spray 100Ml

₹1,592.00 | 4 stars (9,691+ reviews)

This scent by Nautica is a fusion of aquatic notes, fruity hints, and woody undertones. NAUTICA Blue Eau de Toilette – 100 ml (For Men). It is ideal for daily wear because of its upbeat and fresh aroma. The bottle’s sea-inspired design features a blue tint that symbolizes the ocean.


Beardo Whisky Perfume Parfum Lasting

₹549.00 | 4 stars (9,339+ reviews)

Beardo Whisky Smoke Eau De Parfum Men is a spicy, woodsy, and oudh-based fragrance for guys that is ideal for dating nights. The scent lingers long and is available in a 100ml body spray container.


Park Avenue Luxury Grooming Collection

₹546.00 | 4.4 stars (9,211+ reviews)

A gift set for guys, the Park Avenue Luxury Grooming Collection 8 in 1 Combo Grooming Kit comes with eight necessary grooming items, including shaving cream, deodorant, soap, and shampoo. It’s ideal as a present for any occasion or for Valentine’s Day.


Park Avenue Premium Perfume Regal

₹154.00 | 4 stars (8,610+ reviews)

Park Avenue Regal NO GAS Premium Perfume for Men is a high-end fragrance for men with a lingering scent. It is packaged in a 130 ml bottle and is gas-free.


Cuba Men Gift Set

₹3,258.00 | 4.3 stars (8,198+ reviews)

Four 1.17-ounce bottles of EDT spray are included in the Cuba Classic For Men Gift Set. It’s a wonderful method to discover new fragrances because each bottle has its own fragrance.


Engage Perfume Spray Men 120Ml

₹168.00 | 4 stars (8,031+ reviews)

Men’s Engage M1 Perfume Spray: It is citrus and woody fragrance spray is gentle on the skin. It has a strong aroma and is available in a 120ml container.


Engage Perfume Spray Women 120Ml

₹180.00 | 4.2 stars (7,826+ reviews)

Women’s Engage W2 Perfume Spray: Its floral and fruity fragrance spray is very gentle on the skin. It has a strong aroma and is available in a 120ml container.


Armaf Club Milestone Parfum 105Ml

₹3,800.00 | 4.1 stars (7,682+ reviews)

This distinctive scent for men, Armaf Club De Nuit Milestone EAU DE PARFUM 1, combines spicy and floral notes. It is packaged in a 100ml container and has a lingering scent.


Calvin Klein One Unisex 200Ml

₹4,699.00 | 4.2 stars (7,480+ reviews)

The unisex fragrance Calvin Klein One Unisex EDT is a crisp, clean perfume that is suitable for both men and women. It has a 200ml container and is ideal for daily use.


Armaf Club Nuit Intense Parfum 150Ml

₹4,800.00 | 3.8 stars (7,388+ reviews)

Armaf Club De Nuit Intense Male PURE PARFUM: This pure perfume has a robust and enduring scent that is perfect for men. For special events, this 150ml/5.07oz bottle is ideal.


Calvin Klein Eau Toilette 100Ml

₹3,599.00 | 4.2 stars (7,288+ reviews)

This fragrance for men, Calvin Klein Be Eau De Toilette For Him, has a spicy and crisp aroma. It has a 100ml bottle and is ideal for daily use.


Revlon Charlie Blue Edt 100Ml

₹599.00 | 3.9 stars (7,203+ reviews)

Revlon Charlie Blue EDT is a traditional and reasonably priced perfume for women with a blend of jasmine, rose, and geranium. It also features a tinge of sandalwood and moss for a warm and woodsy finish.


Man Company Black Edt India

₹399.00 | 3.7 stars (7,098+ reviews)

The premium fragrance for men, The Man Company Black EDT, has a lingering perfume and combines citrus, aromatic, and woody components. For special occasions or evening wear, this perfume is ideal.


Godfather Perfume Premium Fragrance Aromatic

₹549.00 | 3.9 stars (6,771+ reviews)

A fragrant and spicy scent for guys, Beardo Godfather Eau De Parfum Men is perfect for date nights. This scent, which combines rose, cedarwood, and musk notes, is perfect as a gift for guys.


Miniso Twinkle Stones Deodorant Unisex

₹253.80 | 4.1 stars (6,494+ reviews)

The MINISO Body Spray Combination is a trio of unisex, long-lasting deodorant sprays. These body sprays have a light, refreshing smell and are ideal for regular use.


Fogg Xpressio Scent Men 100Ml

₹361.00 | 4.1 stars (6,473+ reviews)

Long-Lasting Fresh & Strong Fragrance for Men by Fogg, A robust and enduring Eau de Parfum with a premium quality scent, is called Xpressio Scent. This perfume is ideal for men who want a strong, masculine scent.


Jovan Musk Eau Cologne 88Ml

₹790.00 | 4 stars (6,315+ reviews)

Jovan Musk, a timeless and reasonably priced cologne for men, has a warm, spicy scent. This cologne is ideal for men who love a timeless and traditional scent.


Villain Hydra Perfume Eau Parfum

₹549.00 | 3.8 stars (6,254+ reviews)

Premium quality fragrance Villain Hydra Perfume (Eau De Parfum) has a lingering and energizing aroma. Due to its blend of citrus, spicy, and floral elements, this perfume is ideal for guys.


Victorias Secret Bare Vanilla Fragrance

₹1,249.00 | 4.6 stars (6,067+ reviews)

A mix of vanilla and creamy musk characterizes Victoria’s Secret’s Bare Vanilla Fragrance Mist, which is energizing and delicious. This fragrance mist comes in a chic and practical bottle and is ideal for daily usage.


Fogg Queen Scent Women 100Ml

₹361.00 | 4.2 stars (5,874+ reviews)

Long-Lasting Fresh & Floral Fragrance for Ladies by Fogg I Am Queen Fragrance is a high-end Eau De Parfum with a lingering scent of fresh flowers. This perfume is ideal for women who love a delicate and feminine scent.


Ustraa Cologne Spray Base 125Ml

₹557.00 | 3.7 stars (5,611+ reviews)

Ustraa Base Camp Cologne is a masculine cologne with the fresh, crisp scent of the mountains. This perfume is ideal for daily use and blends zingy, aquatic notes and a fresh, manly smell.


Armaf Club Intense Toilette Ounce

₹3,849.00 | 4 stars (5,510+ reviews)

With notes of bergamot, blackcurrant, apple, pineapple, rose, jasmine, patchouli, and musk, Armaf Club De Nuit Intense Male Eau De Toilette, 3.6 Ounce, UAE, is a powerful and long-lasting men’s fragrance.


Guess Toilette Seductive Homme 100Ml

₹3,520.00 | 4.5 stars (5,497+ reviews)

For men, GUESS Seductive Homme Eau de Toilette, 100 ml: With notes of cardamom milk, tangerine pulp, pink pepper, vanilla orchid, crushed violet leaves, amber wood, creamy sandalwood, skin musk, and patchouli, this GUESS fragrance for men has a seductive aroma.


Bella Vita Organic Perfumes Fragrance

₹551.00 | 4.2 stars (5,294+ reviews)

Bella Vita Luxury Women’s Perfume Gift Set 4×20 ML | Luxury Scent with Long Lasting Fragrance Eau De Parfum | CEO Woman | Honey Oud | Glam | Rose 80 ML: The CEO Woman, Honey Oud, Glam, and Rose perfumes are all included in this luxury perfume gift set for women. With ingredients including jasmine, vanilla, bergamot, rose, and oud, each fragrance has a lingering aroma.


Nautica Classic Man Toilette 100Ml

₹1,344.00 | 3.8 stars (5,049+ reviews)

A classic men’s fragrance from NAUTICA, NAUTICA Classic Eau de Toilette – 100 ml (For Men) has notes of lemon, sage, jasmine, sandalwood, and musk. It is refreshing and masculine in the aroma.


Armaf Club Intense Perfume 105Ml

₹3,849.00 | 4 stars (4,974+ reviews)

With notes of lemon, blackcurrant, apple, birch, jasmine, rose, musk and ambergris, Armaf Club De Nuit Strong Perfume for Men EDT 105 ML is another men’s fragrance from the brand.


Engage Perfume Spray Men 120Ml

₹180.00 | 4 stars (4,870+ reviews)

Men’s fragrance by Engage with notes of citrus and lavender that are refreshing and zesty. Engage M2 Perfume Spray for Men, Citrus and Lavender, Skin Friendly, 120ml. The perfume spray is also gentle on the skin.


Guess 1981 W Edt 100Ml

₹2,860.00 | 4.4 stars (4,850+ reviews)

GUESS 1981 W Eau de Toilette – 100 ml (For Women): This feminine scent from GUESS has notes of violet, jasmine, musk, and pear, as well as a traditional and floral scent.


Victorias Secret Romantic Fragrance 250Ml

₹1,099.00 | 4.4 stars (4,682+ reviews)

Victoria’s Secret Romantic Fragrance Mist, 250 ml: Victoria’s Secret offers a flowery and fruity romantic fragrance mist for women with cherry blossom, peach, and white jasmine notes.


Adidas Pure Game Toilette 100Ml

₹799.00 | 4 stars (4,600+ reviews)

Adidas Pure Game Eau de Toilette For Men, 100ml: This men’s fragrance from Adidas has a sporty and fresh scent with notes of basil, pepper, grapefruit, and mandarin.


Jaguar Ch 8045 Green 100 Ml

₹1,650.00 | 3.8 stars (4,571+ reviews)

Jaguar For Men Eau de Toilette 100ml: This Jaguar fragrance for men has notes of mandarin, bergamot, basil, clove, patchouli, and amber, as well as a sophisticated and masculine perfume.


Axe Denim Cologne Talc 300

₹185.00 | 4.2 stars (4,560+ reviews)

An Axe Signature talc powder for men with a manly and energizing aroma that includes notes of bergamot, lavender, and cedarwood is available in a pack of 300 g.


Guess Seductive Women Eau Toilette

₹2,200.00 | 4.3 stars (4,471+ reviews)

GUESS Seductive Woman Eau de Toilette – 75 ml (For Women): This seductive fragrance by GUESS has notes of passion fruit, vanilla orchid, and musk. It is flowery and fruity in nature.


Wild Stone Hydra Energy Perfume

₹389.00 | 4 stars (4,470+ reviews)


Hugo Boss Different Toilette 125Ml

₹5,550.00 | 4.6 stars (3,861+ reviews)


Rasasi Hawas Cologne Men 100Ml

₹5,200.00 | 4.5 stars (3,635+ reviews)


Armaf Club Sillage Parfum 105Ml

₹4,299.00 | 4.3 stars (3,621+ reviews)


Versace Bright Crystal Absolu Parfum

₹7,830.00 | 4.7 stars (3,508+ reviews)


Geoffrey Beene Flannel Toilette 4 Ounce

₹2,693.00 | 4.3 stars (3,507+ reviews)


Body Fantasies Fresh Fantasy Fragrance

₹449.00 | 4.4 stars (3,506+ reviews)


Hugo Boss Man Toilette 200Ml

₹7,750.00 | 4.6 stars (3,483+ reviews)

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